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The First landing gear retract for Self powered glider From WEMO/LADO 

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The first specialized landing gear for gliders with self launch systems - a separate sls launch and a landing position. The TRIAS is availabe in three sizes with a FEMA wheel in 100mm, 127mm and 152mm diameter. The axis of the FEMA wheel has ballbearings. Depending on the size of the TRIAS the difference between the launch and landing position is 38, 45, 59 mm! The weight of the TRIAS is 900, 1160, 1420 gramm.   The damping can be achieved by gasspring or by a new oildamper system. Please look an TRIAS accessories for further information.

Conventional wheel retracts for gliders have one major disadvantage: The original scale position of the wheel is not suitable for scale gliders. The relative rolling resistance  for the scale gilder is much higher, because the smaller wheel has to roll through the high grass. Remedy provides the relocation of the landing gear to the fuselage nose. Unfortunately, this is limited by the seat back of the glider. In addition, this position is only ideal for the launch. The landing requires a position further towards the rear, so that the wheel is closer to the center of gravity.

To find a solution for this problem, Michael Hermann formulated the requirements for a suitable retract.  The solution was an entirely new type of retractable landing gear for gliders designed by Dr. Martin Thoma. The series development and production is carried out by Dietmar Werner WEMO-retracts, which is now very well known for his high quality retractable landing gears. Distribution is handled only by the Thoma Modelltechnik UG and WEMO-retracts. The new retractable gear has three locked positions, which are moved through a Actuator from LADO/France. After landing, the landing gear can be changed from the landing to the starting position. The whole movement is optimally supported by a spring. The locking lever is in a new widened slot socket. The moving parts are mounted in self-lubricating sintered bronze bushings.

A few words about us:

We are the world's first and only manufacturer of such a landing gear for sailors with retractable engines . We have applied to the mechanics a Europe patent. We built  7 years ago, quality suspension kits for model gliders .
We treat our customers always very accommodating , customer satisfaction is paramount for us.
We provide only first class goods and expect the same from our suppliers.

We are not the cheapest , but we try to be the best. This was also the reason why we have turned us to the company LADO . Your products have an excellent reputation in Germany . Many say that you are the best manufacturer for chassis in the jet area.
We have had about 7 months of a completely new strut model for sailors in our program. The gliders range the models are sprung with gas springs for many years. But this has some disadvantages. The gas springs break down quickly and are basically really not suitable. But there was so far no alternative available, these were used as a last resort.

The spring legs from me springs the model already when pushing to the launch site. They are designed for hard landings up to 4G. The gliders soaks up during landing while on the ground firmly, an uncontrolled movement is no longer possible. The struts have a very long life, some are already incorporated in models for 6 years and work without problems.